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aprill 29, 2021
aprill 28, 2021
Having successful experience and cooperation in the Middle East region with ...
aprill 26, 2021
First 400Gb/s DPU with Line-Rate Processing of Software-Defined Networking, ...
aprill 22, 2021
Prestigio Multiboard Light is the latest addition to the brand's interactive ...
aprill 20, 2021
PRESS RELEASE -20 April 2021; Limassol, Cyprus, and Warsaw, Poland
aprill 14, 2021
GIGABYTE Technology, (TWSE: 2376), an industry leader in high-performance ...
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aprill 29, 2021

Ladu on avatud

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Lätis on 3. ja 4. mai vabad päevad ning 8. mai tööpäev. Pühadele eelnev tööpäev 30. aprillil on lühendatud.


Ladu on avatud:

30.04 – 10:00–18:00

08.05 – 10:00–19:00


30. aprillil tegeleme tellimustega kuni 13:30

Laost 30. aprillil Baltikumi saadetavad tellimused toimetatakse kohale:


EE - 03.05

LV - 03.05 ja 05.05 – Venipak viib saadetisi kohale nädalavahetusest hoolimata.

LT - 03.05

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