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Ultrabook by Definition

august 14, 2012

ultrabook, Intel

Ultrabook by Definition

Ultrabook™ is a new category of mobile devices that use the latest Intel technologies.

Ultrabook™ is a new category of mobile devices that use the latest Intel technologies. 

What is Ultrabook? Watch the video:

Ultrabook by definition



Baseline features


2nd and 3rd Generation Intel Core™ Processors.
Ivy Bridge 17W (Core™ only), Sandy Bridge 17W (Core™ only)

Thickness (Z-Height)

≤21.0 mm for ≥14.0” systems
≤18.0mm for < 14.0” systems
(2.0mm allowance for convertible design )

Battery life

Baseline: > 5 hours MobileMark® 2007*
Recommended: >8 hours


Baseline: Awaken S4 to KBD (from hibernate to ON): < 7 sec Recommended: SSD


Baseline: Wi-Fi
Recommended: Programmable Pull Updating, Intel® Wireless Display (WiDi)


USB 3.0 and/or TBT


Intel Anti-Theft Technology
Intel Identity Protection Technology

Operating system

Windows / Mac OS

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