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Ubiquiti unveiled new Ultra Cloud Gateway and Ultra PoE Switch for Unified Network Management

veebruar 23, 2024


Ubiquiti unveiled new Ultra Cloud Gateway and Ultra PoE Switch for Unified Network Management

Ubiquiti, a global networking technology leader, announced the release of two groundbreaking devices: UniFi Cloud Gateway Ultra (UCG-Ultra) and Ubiquiti Switch Ultra (USW-Ultra).

These solutions redefine networking with compact designs and powerful features.

The synergy between the Cloud Gateway Ultra and Switch Ultra forms a cohesive system for optimal network management. Acting as the central hub, the Cloud Gateway Ultra seamlessly integrates with the Switch Ultra, which efficiently distributes power and data throughout the network. This unified approach ensures streamlined and effective network control.

In terms of segmented networks, the Switch Ultra plays a pivotal role by creating VLANs. Simultaneously, the Cloud Gateway Ultra takes charge of managing traffic, resulting in heightened security measures and improved overall network performance. This collaborative effort allows for the establishment of distinct network segments, optimizing the functionality of each.

For enhanced reliability and performance, the Cloud Gateway Ultra supports multiple WAN connections, providing redundancy and load balancing capabilities. The Switch Ultra complements this by ensuring uninterrupted connectivity, creating a robust and resilient network infrastructure. Together, these devices offer a comprehensive solution, addressing the diverse needs of modern network management.

  • UniFi Cloud Gateway Ultra Highlights Plug-and-Play Simplicity: Seamlessly integrates into existing networks, no separate CloudKey needed.
  • Seamless Scalability: Managing 30+ UniFi Network Devices and 300+ Clients Effortlessly.
  • Advanced Security: 1 Gbps IDS/IPS throughput, multi-WAN load balancing, application-aware firewall, and remote access VPN capabilities.
  • Efficient VLAN Configurations: Powerful segmentation for enhanced security, supporting flexible authentication methods.
  • SD-WAN Brilliance: Optimizes traffic flow across multiple WAN connections.
  • Convenient Design: 0.96-inch LCD status display and USB-C powered. 

Ubiquiti Switch Ultra Highlights 

  • Compact Design, Gigantic Impact: 8-port GbE PoE switch balancing functionality and space efficiency.
  • Versatile Mounting Options: Wall-mount, flat surface, or magnetic base for effortless adaptability.
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE): Delivers 42W via PoE++ and 16W via PoE+ for connected devices.
  • Total Non-Blocking Throughput: Seamlessly supports 8 Gbps total non-blocking throughput.
  • Compatibility: Works with UniFi Network Version 8.0.28 and later. Ubiquiti continues to redefine networking possibilities, and the Cloud Gateway Ultra and Switch Ultra are at the forefront of this revolution. Upgrade your network today and experience the future of connectivity.

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