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Scaling AI begins with Intel

mai 31, 2023


Scaling AI begins with Intel

At Microsoft’s Build 2023 conference, Intel and Microsoft are previewing the AI-enabled capabilities of Intel’s upcoming Meteor Lake client PC processors.

Utilizing Meteor Lake processors’ unique disaggregated architecture, Intel and Microsoft are enabling new AI-powered features for PC users – including new multimedia features like auto reframe and scene edit detection in Adobe Premiere Pro and more effective machine learning.

Meteor Lake: Bringing Power Efficiency and AI to the PC

Meteor Lake marks a significant milestone in the evolution not just in personal computing, but also in how we interact with technology. It starts with the “chiplet” system-on-chip (SoC) design that allows Intel to deliver advanced intellectual properties (IPs) and leading-edge processes to optimize segment-relevant performance and lower power. This has enabled Meteor Lake to be the first PC platform from Intel featuring a built-in neural VPU, a dedicated AI engine integrated directly on the SoC to power efficiently run AI models. With the new neural VPU combined with powerful AI accelerators on the CPU and GPU, which Intel has been supporting for several generations, Meteor Lake will play a crucial role in shaping the future of innovation and PC experiences for consumers and businesses across industries.

Together, Meteor Lake and Windows 11 will scale across the ecosystem with Intel and Microsoft’s OEM and ISV partners. It's a collaboration that both teams are incredibly excited about. And for the developer community that is so critical to bringing this to life, Windows represent the ideal place to run AI models to reach this huge user base.

The PC industry is at a significant inflection point. Intel and Microsoft are working closely to bring new AI-enabled features to the PC experience – supporting the broader PC industry partner ecosystem to put these new experiences in the hands of millions of PC users.

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