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PROMISE Technology Introduces the VessRAID 2000 Unified Storage Solution

august 14, 2012

PROMISE, storage

PROMISE Technology Introduces the VessRAID 2000 Unified Storage Solution

New series provides unparalleled flexibility, performance & reliability for the SMB market.


VessRAID 2000

Leveraging the success of its award-winning unified storage solution for SMBs, PROMISE Technology introduces the VessRAID 2000 series, a brilliantly designed solution that consoli dates both block and file storage onto a single platform, providing small to medium businesses a cost-effective way to meet performance goals while simplifying administration. The VessRAID 2000 is designed to meet a diverse range of storage requirements, including addressing the growing challenge of unstructured data, and meeting the needs of users demanding a redundant, high-capacity archiving solution. Additionally and especially, the VessRAID 2000 is optimized for data-intensive industries including midsize to large scale surveillance installations or cloud data-center where downtime is unacceptable and where large external storage capacity, support for on-demand expansion, long retention periods, and reliable high bandwidth throughput are a must.

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“PROMISE Technology is aiming to provide our customers the best cost/performance storage solutions to handle the ‘Big Data’ challenges. Like all of our products, our new VessRAID 2000 series was meticulously designed to address our customers’ most pressing requirements,” says James Lee, CEO, PROMISE Technology. “The VessRAID 2000 has all the hallmarks of a great customer-oriented solution from PROMISE: amazing flexibility, incredibly simple and efficient management, extremely fast and reliable performance, and all at a competitive price point. Most importantly, it will be a virtually customized solution to meet the needs of users. ”


The VessRAID 2000 3U16-bay series are cutting-edge dual active-active high availability 8Gbps FC and 1 & 10Gbps IP SAN solutions for SMBs that are engineered to deliver total component redundancy, impressive performance, and proven reliability for mission critical applications at a cost-effective price. Consolidating both block and file storage onto a single platform, the VessRAID 2000 streamlines administration and adds simplicity, flexibility and efficiency, making it an excellent investment for small to medium businesses and organizations of all sizes. In addition, the VessRAID 2000 supports the newly released, highest capacity 4TB hard disk drives which allows each single storage node to scale up to an impressive 448TB of raw capacity through cascading expansion JBOD units.


The VessRAID 2000 introduces several new exciting technologies, including ‘PerfectRebuild’, an innovative feature which significantly reduces the time required for the array to transition from degraded to healthy status, greatly reducing the risk of having a dead logical drive, and frees up CPU resources more quickly to be available for I/O and other demands. Additionally, the VessRAID 2000 introduces new data protection technologies, including ‘Advanced Battery Flash Backup’ which delivers enhanced reliability in the protection of valuable business data.


  • Fibre Channel 8Gbps, iSCSI 1Gbps & 10Gbps host connect ports
  • High availability dual controller design
  • PerfectRebuild: Reduces time required to transition array from degraded to healthy status
  • Advanced Battery Flash Backup provides protection beyond the normal 72 hour backup of the RAID cache
  • One-Plug-Auto-Service: Simplifies maintenance and streamlines an easier tech support workflow
  • GreenRAID technology: Features advanced hardware design using 80PLUS-certified power supplies, and supports complete levels of MAID 2.0
  • Easily scale up to 112 hard disk drives via VessJBOD expansion units

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