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NVIDIA adds Cumulus Networks to its networking business unit as a follow-up of the Mellanox acquisition

juuni 18, 2020

NVIDIA, Cumulus, Mellanox

NVIDIA adds Cumulus Networks to its networking business unit as a follow-up of the Mellanox acquisition

Modern data centers will get a variety of ingredients to be accelerated, disaggregated, and software-defined to be in global trends of the exponential growth in AI, HPC, and cloud computing.

The workloads are changing, the datasets are expanding, all of these require a distributed network of compute and storage resources that users need to program, as datacenter is developing fast into the new unit of computing.

Cumulus offers a popular suite of networking software from operating systems to analytics, thus giving a choice of how to deploy and automate data centers. NVIDIA states, that Cumulus is a key part of its networking vision.

Cumulus supports more than 2,000 customers using 130 hardware platforms that run Cumulus Linux, its operating system for network switches. Likewise, Mellanox has been giving users a choice of networking software under its Open Ethernet strategy, forged in 2013.

This combination of hardware and software allows the analytics program to identify issues that AI software could automatically address in self-healing networks and many more.

Companies can innovate across the stack from chips to analytics in networking and accelerated computing with GPUs and DPUs now thanks to this cooperation.

According to the official NVIDIA blog, “Networking hardware and software must go hand in hand so AI, cloud and HPC workloads can run flexibly across any part of the entire data center. With the demand for this kind of elastic computing, there’s no going back to the past where each network system had its proprietary programming environment.

If you want to know more about Cumulus and NVIDIA solutions, please contact vad@asbis.com

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