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ASBIS Group, leading IT distributor, and NVIDIA, leader in visual computing, signed a partnership agreement

mai 18, 2020


ASBIS Group, leading IT distributor, and NVIDIA, leader in visual computing, signed a partnership agreement

In the first quarter of 2020, the general NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) agreement governed participation of ASBIS Group in NVIDIA’s Partner Network.

ASBIS became a Solutions Integration Partner of Tesla and Quadro, as well as vGPU Solution Provider.

ASBIS Group — a leading distributor of products and solutions in information and communication technologies — announces its cooperation with NVIDIA corporation — the largest developer of graphics processing units (GPU) and systems on chips (SoC) for the video gaming industry, professional visualization sphere, high-performance computing, and the automotive industry. NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) is designed for those partners whose primary business model is value-added reselling of NVIDIA products, NVIDIA-based solutions, and NVIDIA technologies.

The Value of the Signed Agreement

Currently the world’s largest industries such as transportation, logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, robotics, smart cities, and retail are tapping into AI accelerated computing. For example, the gaming industry is growing substantially, as is the demand for better 3D graphics. In order to meet the market demands, NVIDIA has improved the GPU by combining the latest innovations in virtual reality, high-performance computing, and artificial intelligence. From now, ASBIS is going to represent these latest technological achievements to its customers.

NVIDIA Partner Program Integration

ASBIS Group becomes a participant in NVIDIA’s Partner Network, which presumes mutually beneficial cooperation in order to evolve visual graphics, high-performance computing, and AI in the prospective markets. The key benefit to ASBIS is to become an officially authorized NVIDIA representative on the local levels to sell and support NVIDIA products, as well as carry out other related functions. In addition, by signing the agreement, ASBIS Group gains access to the vast resources of NVIDIA materials, including:

  • presentations, technical documents, and sales tools: immediate access to a vast database of various sales tools — datasheets, case studies, customer reactions, presentations, comparisons, etc., all are ready for immediate use and are very professional.
  • marketing materials and tools: as a partner, ASBIS is eligible to touch marketing resources and marketing funds giving them an opportunity to host their own seminars with NVIDIA support ideal for combining with, for example, server seminars.
  • trainings and certifications: any person can go through sets of training and certification, both for personal education and for ASBIS compliance.

What do NVIDIA and ASBIS say about the cooperation

“Recently, we achieved the NVIDIA partnership in presenting TESLA and Quadro graphic cards, and vGPU technology. It brings us to a new level of cooperation and gives us the opportunity to get involved in NVIDIA projects, register deals and use NVIDIA resources. The partnership with NVIDIA will help us to strengthen our range of products and provide leading solutions to our customers around the world.“ – said Georgii Saprykin, Product and Marketing Director at ASBISc Enterprises PLC.

“We are pleased to extend our cooperation with ASBIS and delegate a number of responsible powers to a dynamically-evolving company with a wide network of representative offices. Participation in the NPN gives our partner a wide range of benefits and rewards, in turn, helping us grow, expand our physical structure across the world, increase income, and as a result, keep evolving technologically and give the customers all over the world the leading innovative solutions with a big future.”  – says Michael Liebenthron, NVIDIA Partner Business Manager.


ASBISc Enterprises PLC (WSE: ASB) is based in 28 countries with a headquarter in Cyprus and specializes in the distribution of Information and Communications Technology products and solutions from global suppliers including Apple, AMD, Acer, Dell, Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, Samsung, Seagate, Toshiba, WD. The company has its own subsidiaries all over the EMEA region, more than 1,500 employees and 30,000 active customers in over 60 countries around the globe.  For more information, visit the company's website at www.asbis.com.


NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) – an American technology company incorporated in Delaware and based in Santa Clara, California. The corporation focuses on the development of graphics processing units (GPUs) as well as chip-based systems (SoC). In 2014, NVIDIA diversified its business into four markets: gaming, professional visualization, data center, and automotive, and has recently added Artificial Intelligence, a fifth area of development. More information: http://nvidianews.nvidia.com

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