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AENO introduce the designer premium eco-friendly smart heater

september 26, 2022


AENO introduce the designer premium eco-friendly smart heater

AENO, a young dynamic brand of smart household appliances, is expanding its product line and introducing the designer premium eco-friendly smart heater with energy saving infrared and convection heating method and low power consumption.

In the coming autumn - winter season, a novelty - a designer AENO premium eco-friendly smart heater with energy-saving infrared technology and low energy consumption, will become available for order to European customers. It is developed and produced in Europe, Poland. 


The AENO heater fast and effectively uses the whole 700 Watts of power without wasting heat and money. Once the room is heated to a set temperature, the heater automatically switches off, not wasting electricity. Upkeeping the room temperature is always cheaper. The user can save energy and money and stay warm for the entire heating season. The heater is suitable for heating up to 30m2 and could be used in flat, country house, office, café, restaurant, or hotel. 

Infrared heating panel with low power consumption - up to 700+ Watts, provides energy saving. The device supplies focused local heating of the objects, without wasting energy on heating the outside space. The energy-saving infrared technology makes AENO heater more cost effective than most traditional heating systems such as air conditioners, gas heaters, central heating, underfloor heating. High energy and cost efficiency is ensured by the fact that AENO does not spend energy on its own heating, on the operation of fans and on air heating. 


Moreover, it is a Designer heater which perfectly fits in any style of interior. The user can choose the black or white color. Whether you want to make it invisibly blend in (white on white) or accent (black on white) its style. This model fits in any living room or office space for money saving, healthy living and wellbeing of habitants. 

The AENO Heater is made of premium materials. Truly a designer heater. Minimalistic design implemented in 11mm body from tempered glass and with aluminum legs. The novelty looks great from any vantage point! 


The AENO heater works without air blowing and raising dust. It does not make pollutants, odors, and noise. An infrared electric heater AENO does not dry air and does not burn oxygen in the house. This retains the current humidity balance in the room for the whole family's well-being. 


The user can control the heater from any place in the world with a user-friendly AENO app. Wherever you are, you have access to full menu of options to operate your device:

  • switch on/off;
  • set the temperature in the room;
  • create a heating schedule (one temperature during the day, another at the night at specific time);
  • make scenarios with multiple on/off heaters;
  • control and monitoring of statistics of energy consumption;
  • setup devices from AENO ecosystems (blender, robot vacuum, etc.)


The device is safe for children and animals. It is equipped with a child-lock for your peace of mind even if the heater is placed in the children's bedroom. Lock-on/off button in the mobile app makes sure that your child doesn't turn the heater ON accidentally. 

The AENO heater has fall protection. In case of a heater fall, it switches off automatically, starts alarming, and sends a push-up notification to the smartphone. 

The user also can adjust panel temperature from 60°C to 120°C for constant heating (legs warming) 

You can easily install the heater and get started with a simple and quick setup.It only takes 1 minute to set up in 2 steps via Wi-Fi in the mobile app AENO:

  1. Plug the heater into an electrical outlet.
  2. Activate the heater via the AENO app by following the prompts on the screen. 

About AENO 
AENO is a young and dynamic brand of smart home appliances, created by an international team of highly qualified engineers and manufactured in China at the modern production. AENO cares about customers and strives to constantly improve the functionality of products and expand the possibilities. To increase value and quality, optimize logistics delivery routes for retail chains and end users, the production line for the manufacture of the premium eco smart heater is operating in Europe, in Poland. 
AENO’s mission is to make smart technologies more accessible, taking on an everyday routine and lessening the burden of housework. 
The product family includes: air purifiers, humidifiers, robot vacuum cleaners, stick vacuum cleaners, steam mops, garment steamers, kettles, electric grills, blenders, electric ovens, Sous-Vide, vacuum sealers, electric toothbrushes and irrigators, etc. For news and more information visit: www.aeno.com

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